About Thaichurches.org


This website is created in partnership with the Thailand Evangelism and Church Growth Committee in support of the Thai National Plan. The website has several purposes including:

  1. A church directory of all churches in Thailand
  2. For people in Thailand to easily find and locate churches
  3. To have current address, location and information about each church
  4. Provide driving directions to each church (along with a picture or the church)
  5. To keep up with the growth of the Thai church
  6. For Christians in Thailand to see what the Body of Christ in Thailand looks like
  7. To learn where new churches need to be planted
  8. Allow users to add and update church information directly from this website

The churches in the Harvest database include everything from house churches with as few as three members to large churches with over 1,000 members. The definition of a church is three or more Protestant believers who meet together on a regular basis to worship God and are not part of a larger church.

The data in THAICHURCHES.ORG changes frequently. New churches are added, addresses are changed and other updates are made weekly.

In the future Christian organizations such as: Christian schools, Foundations, seminaries, hospitals, businesses and other such entities will be added to THAICHURCHES.ORG

Note: This website is for the benefit of Thai Christians and those wanting to know more about the Protestant Church in Thailand. Do not copy information from this website for personal or commercial use or profit. If you have any questions please contact the eSTAR Foundation.


THAICHURCHES.ORG is provided by the eSTAR Foundation.

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